“Time to Heal” is a subsidy scheme organised by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The purpose of the scheme is to provide financial support to people to address mental issues and psychological needs under the political and social turmoil. Successful applicants of the scheme can get HKD 7000 for mental health service including counselling. The subsidy will be delivered after successful applicants booked and used the counselling service. It does not mean that the service charge is waived already when they are booking counselling sessions.

You can apply if you have psychological needs or trauma arise from the social unrest or Covid-19. You are eligible to apply regardless of your age, financial status, political stance or whether legal investigation or litigation is involved.

  1. Ask a social worker to refer you to the program and submit the application form (here is the list of centre with social workers that can provide help: here)
  2. The application will be reviewed quickly and approve grants to the referral units.
  3. The social worker will assist in the follow-ups on the treatments.

Please read the application guideline provided by HKCSS here.

You can contact Mr. Wong via WhatsApp: 66267305 or click here to see more information from HKCSS.

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