Terms And Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions of our service, and book only if you agree to them.

General Objectives Counsellors aim to facilitate client’s growth and development in ways that promote the welfare of clients and the formation of healthy relationships. We may work with clients to set realistic goals and actionable plans; but counsellors are not expected to give out advice on client’s decisions.

Qualifications and Ethics Our listed counsellors are university graduates with at least a Master’s degree in Counseling or related studies. They are registered in compliance with a professional body of their region, which details can be found on individual counsellor’s page. Please email Soul Glad at support@soul-glad.com should you have any concerns about the qualifications and practices of Counsellors.

Confidentiality and Boundaries
Counsellors may take notes during the meetings, but do not share such information without client's consent or without sound legal or ethical justification. These notes are written and kept by the counsellor only in an anonymous manner. However, if it is assessed that you are at risk of seriously harming yourself or others, counsellors may take emergency actions such as contacting police or ambulance. All forms of communication should be conducted within the meeting. Contacts with your counsellor should be kept minimal outside the meetings. Session booking and enquiries should be directed to Soul Glad.
A written or recorded mutual consent between client(s) and counsellor will have to be in place before any audio or video recording during the counselling session.

Booking and Cancellation All session bookings together with online payment can be performed on the website. Client will receive an email of confirmation upon successful booking. If you need to reschedule/cancel your booking, please notify us at support@soul-glad.com at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. Any notification later than that will be considered as “No Show”. No refund will then be processed. In case of rescheduling or cancellation, Soul Glad will contact the counsellor on your behalf.

Questions and Complaints Should you have any concern regarding our counselling service, please email us at support@soul-glad.com. We will try our best to respond to your question or complaint within 2 working days.

Technology and Encryption If you choose our online service, all online meetings scheduled will be conducted via a software called Zoom. It is easy to set up. Your counsellor will send you an invitation email at the scheduled meeting time to the email address which you previously provided. Open the link and the software download should automatically begin. Upon finishing download, you should be able to join the meeting immediately. Alternatively, you can download Zoom in your intended appliance for communication by clicking the link below https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting and download ‘Zoom client for meeting’.
Zoom has a high level of encryption and we believe it offers sufficient encryption and security for our work. However, Soul Glad does not accept responsibility if the Zoom network is compromised during the use of service. By signing this agreement, you agree to indemnify us against a cyberattack or hack on Zoom that may expose any of your private or personal information.

I agree to the terms set out above and will collaborate, to the best of my ability, with my counsellor.

We recommend our Clients to first go to our “Team” page and read our counsellors’ profiles before making their booking.