Cicelia Chan

Hello everyone. Over the past seven years, my focus has been on providing psychological counseling, accumulating more than 3000 counseling hours, and accompanying people of all ages through their life transitions and growth. It is a great honor for me to witness the changes and transformations that individuals experience after undergoing psychological counseling. I have a wide range of clients, from adolescents to middle-aged women, as well as elderly individuals, ethnic minorities, and immigrant families. I have rich experience in family counseling, including couples and parent-child relationships. Additionally, I am skilled in dealing with grief, loss, emotional challenges, and stress management. During the counseling process, I am able to quickly establish a trusting relationship with my clients. Perhaps it is due to my own diverse life experiences that I can deeply understand the difficulties and pain they face. Being visually impaired actually makes it easier for clients to open up in front of me, as they do not feel the pressure of being watched. I can speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I believe that everyone should have a place to confide in and be listened to, especially when facing difficulties and darkness. As a visually impaired counselor, I hope to be that pillar of support, accompanying you through challenging times, and together, we can find the direction towards light and growth. I look forward to embarking on a meaningful and profound journey of psychotherapy with you.

Professional Qualifications

Master Of Youth Counseling

Academic Background

Master Of Youth Counseling, Hong Kong Baptist University

Certificate of Advance Level Of Bereavement Counseling, University of Hong Kong



Demographics Served

No restriction

More About Me ...

I am a very observant person who enjoys every interaction with different people in life. I have a knack for discovering the beauty in life. Despite being visually impaired, I often see brightness in my heart. I love music, books, movies, and shopping, as they provide me with great strength when I am confused or stressed.

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    – Family Counseling

    – Bereavement Counseling

    – Narrative Therapy

    – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


    HK$600 per hour (Individual Online Counselling)

    To be determined (Face to Face/ Couple/Family/Grief and loss/Identity crisis counseling)

    Available Hours

    19:00 – 21:00 on weekdays 

    09:00 – 18:00 on weekends

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