Kaitlyn Tse

Miss Kaitlyn Tse is a bilingual registered counseling psychologist in Hong Kong, with extensive experience in providing high-quality face-to-face and virtual psychological services to local and international clients. She is specialized in providing evidence-based psychological treatment and counseling to individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma- and stressor-related disorders, interpersonal difficulty, self-harm behaviors and suicidal ideation. She helps her clients to gain insight into their condition, reduce distressing symptoms, increase emotional regulation ability, heal from past wounds, improve interpersonal relationships, cultivate self-compassion and achieve better health overall.

Miss Tse upholds the highest standards of professionalism in her work and demonstrates high emotional sensitivity and acceptance to her clients. With training in psychodynamic therapy, emotion-focused therapy and integrative body-mind-spirit approach, she can effectively assist clients to understand and explore the core aspects of their presenting problems at their pace and to work through the difficulties in order to achieve greater well-being.

Miss Tse completed a Bachelor of Psychology with a first-class honor in Canada, graduated from the Master of Behavioral Health with distinction, and the Master of Counseling Psychology in Hong Kong. Miss Tse has extensive exposure to clients of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, languages, sexual orientations, and across a wide age group. She has provided professional services to some large multinational institutions, corporate firms, local and global NGOs, education institutes, community centers, private organizations etc. Over the years, she receives referrals from doctors, psychiatrists, and other mental health practitioners to support clients on their journey of recovery and healing. She also has years of experience working with parents and children of special needs, as well as teaching in universities and higher education institutions.

Professional Qualifications

Division of Counseling Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Association (Counseling Psychologist) International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy

Academic Background

Master in Social Sciences (Counseling Psychology, SYU, HK)

Master in Social Sciences (Behavioral Health, HKU, HK)

Bachelor in Art (Psychology, Counseling & Human Development, SFU, Canada)



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More About Me ...

I like working next to big windows and spending time in nature. Things that give me life – kindle books, podcasts, spontaneous artwork, music, genuine relationships, sushi, tea, Golden Retriever, and quietness. 


“Pain not transformed is transmitted.” – Richard Rohr


Individual psychotherapy

Mood disturbances and disorders (depression, anxiety, panic attack)

Childhood Trauma

Relational Trauma

Parenting (typical children/ SEN children)

Caregiver Counseling and Consultation 


Body-mind-spirit holistic well-being

Interpersonal relationship difficulties

Low or unhealthy self-image

Self-harm behaviors


HK$1000 per 50min (Online Counselling Rate)

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