Eddy To

As a professional psychological counsellor, I have considerable counselling experience. I studied in Psychology and received extensive training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Family Therapy, Satir Growth Model, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy, Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focus Therapy, Motivation Interviewing, General Mediation etc. I flexibly adopt various therapeutic approaches to meet clients’ needs, support them emotionally and explore their inner and outer resources. I also apply Mindfulness to enhance clients’ self-awareness and cultivate a non-judgemental attitude and self-compassion in them.

Professional Qualifications

Member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Member of Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association

Certified Prepare/Enrich Assessment counsellor

Academic Background

Master of Social Science (Counselling), The University of Hong Kong

Master of Music (Piano Pedagogy), Texas Tech University, USA

Bachelor of Arts (Music), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Postgraduate Diploma of Music Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Demographics Served

Aged above 12, Couple, Parents, LGBT

More About Me ...

I am a seasoned piano pedagogue and I love music. I have a curious mind about the world and love exploring new things. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, hiking, traveling and outdoor activities. I climbed Mountain Fuji and completed a Round Island Bike tour in Taiwan within 9 days.

I regularly run music mindfulness workshops at schools, organisations and elderly centres to promote mental health. I am a columnist for “Heartfelt Counselling” in “Herald”.

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    Marriage: pre-marital counselling, conflicts of couples, parenting, extramarital affairs, divorce

    Relationships: family, lovers, friends, colleagues, interpersonal skills, relationship trauma

    Work: work stress, career planning, unemployment

    Mental health: anxiety, depression, panic disorder, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder LGBTQ: sexual orientation, coming out

    Sex: sex addiction, fantasy

    Personal growth: self esteem, self-compassion 



    HK$800 per hour (Individual Online Counselling)

    HK$1000 per hour (Individual Face-to-face Counselling)

    HK$1000 per 75min (Couple/Family Online Counselling)

    HK$1200 per 75min (Couple/Family Face-to-face Counselling)

    Available Hours

    Monday to Friday 11am-10pm

    Saturday 11am-5pm

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