Helen Kwok

I have many years of experience in child and family counseling, education, and training. I have also served street children in domestic children’s homes. Through counseling and life education, I accompanied the children to rebuild their lives and renew their bodies, minds, and spirits so they have the strength and courage to move forward. In addition, I have held parent workshops and lectures in different schools and institutions, covering personal growth, emotional management, parent-child education, couple relationship, etc.

Professional Qualifications

Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association)

Certified Counsellor (HKPCA)

Certified Prepare/Enrich Counsellor 

Member of American Academy of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Academic Background

Bachelor – Chinese Mission Seminary

Master in Christian Marriage and Family Therapy – Bethel Bible Seminary



Demographics Served

Above 8-year-old

More About Me ...

Emotional disorders are commonly seen in recent years. I also experienced it more than 20 years ago. The bitterness of the experience is really “unspeakable”. But thankfully, this experience has become the “motivation” for me to become a helper today. It also makes me understand more about the hardships of people with emotional disorders and their families.
I am willing to walk with each client with sincerity and empathy. I would like to accompany everyone to explore and renew their lives, rediscover life directions, overcome problems in life, improve their ability to face life in a more effective way and grow.

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    – personal growth

    – mood disturbances

    – grief 

    – relationship counselling

    – pre-post marriage counselling


    HK$500 per hour (Individual Online Counselling)

    HK$800 per hour (Face to Face Counselling) 

    HK$1000 per hour (Couple/Family counselling)

    Available Hours

    Tuesday – Saturday 09:00-21:00

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