Adult Attachment Scale

Disclaimer: Your scores are for reference only, not for clinical diagnostic purposes. Based on your total score, you will understand your relationship attachment style. However, this assessment is not a substitute for assessment and treatment by a professional psychotherapist. If you feel the need, please seek psychological advice from professional mental health professionals such as clinical psychotherapists or psychiatrists.

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Please read each of the following statements and rate the extent to which it describes your feelings about romantic relationships.  Please think about all your relationships (past and present) and respond in terms of how you generally feel in these relationships. If you have never been involved in a romantic relationship, answer in terms of how you think you would feel. 

Please use the scale below by placing a number between 1 and 5 in the space provided to the right of each statement. 


                      Not at all                                                                       Very

                   characteristic                                                            characteristic

                        of me                                                                            of me